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Drawing my way round London

ebook now available and free to download

What a pleasure to accompany Heather James on her sketching journey through north London, never knowing exactly what we will find, always ready for adventure, and never afraid to see exactly what is before us without alteration.

Marta Szabo, author of the memoirs The Guru Looked Good and The Imposters available on Amazon; and Co-Director of the Authentic Writing Workshops.

Black and white drawing of the cover for Drawing my way round London ebook

This ebook has been saved as a pdf and is designed to fit into the viewer’s window. You can download it here. If you are using Linux you can scroll through the pages using the backwards and forwards arrows on your keypad and you can exit the pdf by hitting the ESC key. If you are reading it on an iPad you can save it into ibooks and scroll through the pages from left to right. If you are using Windows right click to ‘save as’.