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View of artist sketching the Colosseum while on holiday in Rome 2016. Photograph © 2016 Graham White
Sketching the Colosseum in Rome, June 2016

I am an artist living and working in Hackney, east London in the UK. I have enjoyed sketching outdoors since I graduated from Bath Academy of Art in 1979 and moved to London. This helped me to cope with the pressures of city life and the inevitable boredom arising from using public transport. Eventually I realised that I’d learned to navigate my way round London by drawing it.

Now I have a more settled life I’ve been able to develop my drawing skills over an extended period and explore areas of London that have piqued my curiosity. This has resulted in two projects: ‘Drawing my way round London’, a train ride along the route of the old North London Line starting in north Woolwich in the east and finishing in Richmond in the west and ‘805 steps’, a drawing project along the Hertford Union canal completed in September 2015.

In addition I like to develop some of my sketches into paintings but I can never predict whether the end result will be representational or abstract. I am also beginning to explore the complex world of lino printing and I can well imagine this will keep me busy into my old age.

A word about Plantin

I have been using the name ‘Plantin’ as part of my email address for a number of years and it is the domain name for this website. For those of you who have been wondering ‘what Plantin means’ here is a brief explanation.

Christoffel Plantin (1520-1589), after whom the typeface Plantin is named, was a Flemish printer and humanist who lived and worked in Antwerp. Plantin was responsible for printing, amongst other things, the famous Biblia Polyglotta (Bible in five languages). I recommend the Plantin-Moretus Museum for more information.